Saturday, January 16


And so, I forfeited a day's worth of pay to go for an interview but decided to pang seh my
interviewer last minute when I changed my mind and decided that the job is not for me. I swear
that this plan was not originally in my books but oh well, I should have thought about whether
I wanted that job before I shoot my resume over first. So, I had a good sleep-in late although
I was quite pissed that I still woke up at 9am+ when I expected the time to read past noon.

Whether it was a rash decision or not, I was glad that I decided to head to town for the very-
much needed haircut. I have never been a loyal customer from anywhere actually. This time round,
I decided to go to Sean Concept for Kevin at Calichan's recommendation. Fab service I must add!
A simple haircut took Kevin 1.5 hours but I am not complaining cos I rather my stylist to
do a slow and good job. More haste usually turns out quite bad. Also, he was quite friendly and
it was the first time that I could chat so much with a stylist and I didn't even browse their
mags at all! I was very happy with the overall cut and their discount that I also bought new
shampoo... although I should be saving. Bank balance looks thirsty.

Roamed town and had my weekday special price iced capp. Grocery shopping. Camped at Kino and
Borders. Watsons spree again. Met cookie for supper dinner at Chomps before it closes.



No pressure makes me pressured to make it seems so. I'm heading for a disaster. Pessimistic
much maybe. I'm taking one step at a time.

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