Monday, December 14


Woohoo! Don't think that I announced that it is down to the final nine days of countdown
before... CaliChanBaoBao touched down in SG and... Chabor and I jet off to the land of ji pa
and mee sua. How time flies! From the 120+ odd days when we started the countdown to the single
digit ticktock counter now. I think I am starting to get real excited about the trip already.
So many firsts and hesitation about going on my first holiday with chabor. I am not sure how
she will get my morning mood swings or my penchant for my nightly suppers past 10pm almost
everynight. Will she be able to tahan my need to look at almost every item in a shop before I
decide that there is really nothing to buy in there? I'm exctied and scared at the same time;
this trip is going to make or break our friend ship.

Perhaps I am thinking too far too much cos I know deep inside that this trip is going to
be the most awesome thang that is going to happen in 09. What a strange year it has been and
nothing is going to round up decade with a little getaway to someone new with LOTS of good
food like Taiwan. No KL thank goodness, although the last time I was in the city was in 2000
and I'm sure alot has come and go in the city other than the red devils. Of couse, I want a
Genting trip very much and the idea of escaping to a 3D2N slow walk in the mall with a kopibean,
and a fast ride down the 360degrees roller coaster is tempting me much. Who knows? I may treat
myself, or perhaps the family to one trip next year.

For now, I shall enjoy the rest of my 1.5 days working week - complete whatever that needs to
be done including all the cells and pivot tabling. Go live my weekday tai tai life for that
three days, including going to Ippudo for some ramen and see whether it is worth all that media
spotlight it is getting. A dip and nua-ing in the anchorvale pool in a cloudy weekday
followed by seaweed fries and a good book sounds inviting too. Not forgetting, it's high time
to start throwing out things that don't deserve space in the room anymore. Declutter mentally
and physically.

I wish I can turn back time to avoid losing the friends. I guess I cannot keep everybody.

For now, I cannot wait to meet the talkcocksingsong gang for some seaweed fries cos Leo and
qingren are finally back!

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