Thursday, July 30

I haven't felt so down and depressed for so long.
I didn't had the mood to eat anything.
It sucks to disappoint people; I find joy in making people happy.
Pretty pathetic I know but I'm used being the clown anyway.
That is why it is always difficult for me to say 'no',
to reject people when I don't say what I mean.
I have no excuse this time and I have to admit it's purely negligence on my part.
I am missing my ipod so much, nothing beats going to sleep with my fave music.
xiaohei, where are you right now? I hope they treat you well and love you as much too.
I downloaded the entire "Love Songs 101" album, only to lose all the tracks within 3 days.
I'm so sorry I cannot put them on loop before I lose you.
I had the sudden urge to take the 82 bus to the end after work today, but
reality sank in because I know it will be war tomorrow at work.
A clear and alert mind much needed!

Ok, it will officially be friday in 51 minutes. Zhen zuo!

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