Tuesday, June 9

Let's Start From Here


I am officially having a love-and-hate relationship with yoga. No, not that taiwanese idol who sings with a hamster in his mouth, but rather that activity that many does not classify as a sport. Well I do; yoga is a sport to me because I like to believe I am exerting my body through some work like running and swimming when I am yoga-ing. I have not been able to motivate myself to do any form of sport that involves much movement other than parking my butt in front of the computer lately. And boy, do I sweat buckets (yes, crying just makes your face swell like meatball) when I do yoga. I can walk from one end of town to the other and not sweat a drop. It is frustrating! So it is great when I actually get soaked after a 90-minutes session. Oh, not forgetting to mention how Bikram is done in this heated room so it just speeds up the sweating process! I love everything about about Bikram although sometimes I wonder the reason I put myself to be tortured in there, especially during midway when it gets tough. I almost thought I will break my hip here or pull my back there. Of course, it does not hurt that one of the instructors looks like he is imported straight out of the NUM store, except that he is much cuter. So, I went for the third session today and some of the poses are actually getting easier to carry out (according to my poor back)! I almost shouted 'yay!' in the middle of class when I can finally touch my toes. Kissed my toes with joy and teared at my accomplishment. Nah, I'm sure it was just the sweat and not tears, although both taste salty anyway. Sodium overload these days already.

I finally spoke to the mom about it just now and we had quite a long chat, especially in recent months when I am always out and about. Although I always comment how some of her ideas are outdated and should be thrown out of the window, certain things may have to be judged by the mindset the previous generation has I guess. But after speaking to her, I felt like the dark cloud above my head just dissolve and disappear (*glitter glitter dramamama*). Ok, maybe not to that much an extent, but at least her words made me think of new perspectives about the whole issue.

Ladyironchef (who happens to be 22 too!) is tempting me so badly with D40 but it will be quite bad to abandon the thought of getting the Lumix so easily after less than an hour of persuasion. Not that I am indecisive in the first place... I mean the small, light Lumix is still attractive, or maybe even the Sony Ericsson C905 is convenient to take random (and unglam candid) shots... Tempted much!

My 15 minutes of me-time at Toastbox today was great. I'm thinking of getting some more at my favorite Yakun soon.

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brad said...

hahahahaha not necessary need to be d40, just get a dslr! if u get a prosumer, chances are you will upgrade to dslr in the future too, so why wait? heh

Btw, no work = no money = no flour, so funny HAHAHA