Thursday, June 11


My little sister is very hotly hooked on House, that show.

I got a new house for my thoughts; I really meant it when I mentioned I got a new diary. The previous one was too bah anyway and contained too much words that I just don't want to refer back again, for now. I knew I would if I continue using it. So it is currently tucked in some corner somewhere. Sweetie gave me this korean one with a super cute cover dotted with food images just few weeks ago and it has never been a better time to start using it. Oh, and have I mentioned that it has been quite long since I received something as a gift for no reason at all? Thanks babe.

It's tempting to just leave it blank.


I walked out in the blistering sun at noon to satisfy my Teh Halia and prata craving. I swear I will cry if this 24-hr muslim store close down. It better stay there for a long long time, because previous shops at this exact location does not stay for too long.


A trip back to Tower A Level 12 today.


And, I had the opportunity to visit the very lovely Dempsey tonight and had dinner at the more lovely House Barracks Cafe. The meal itself costs as much as one week's worth of bread but it was worth the ambiance, service, and of course, the good company. Mr Woo treated the table white wine, which I greatly appreciated. A little wine in the middle of the week to help everyone pull through to Sunday! Many many thanks to Mr Chia as well, who drove everyone home at the end of the evening, covering enough distance to cover the perimeter of three Hougangs. Bitch-fest at it's best with these people.


The dudes had the Old-fashioned American Sliders. A pair of mini burgers, grilled medium well, served with a mix of sweet potato and truffle fries. When the menu stated "mini", do they really mean mini. The burgers were smaller than the size of a palm and I was sure the boys were not satisfied with the portions.


Mr Woo had the Squid Ink Paella. A huge pan of seafood paella with loads of ingredients. I koped my bite and loved it!

Jane had Mushroom Risotto, which was very flavorful with the freshness of mushrooms and the only complaint I had was the miserable portion. Quality > Quantity.

Audrey ordered the Morrocon Spiced Baby Chicken. Yeah, it was just like a little poor baby lying there on the table. Poor chick; it looked well-marinated and delish though. Haha but I did not order it of course.

And... I had the Red Snapper, which was braised with NZ clams and spanish chorizos in a broth with saffron and parsley. The green soba in the broth was a pleasant surprise. I wish the fish was less tough though but the clams were good - perfect with the white wine.


The menu here by the way.

Oh, and did I mention they serve a real mean-looking brunch menu? I'm so toying with the idea of lazying half a Saturday away with good conversation and a fab, satisfying brunch.

We round up the night with more cocktalking, bitching, planning for JB-tripping at B&J with the "monsterlicious" which in my humble opinion, is quite overpriced at $30+. A few more bucks and we can have the mega Haagen fondue!


Mr Chia, I need my half-priced Secret Recipe cakes!


Just before I was to turn in, Dr Kent finally replied my email and indeed, he did not received my paper the other time! Gah!

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