Monday, June 1

Do unto others as we would have them do unto us.


At the core of this line is the assumption that being nice, you can avoid painful experiences such as someone getting angry with you, disapproving with you, or rejecting or abandoning you. But this belief borders on superstition, and is just as effective as hanging garlic at the entrance to ward off vampires. My four reasons why nice girls should stop being nice, naive, sugary and all things well... nice.

1. There is no guarantee in this world. Just because you are nice to people doesn't guarantee they will reciprocate no matter how nice you are to them. This may because of prejudices they have in the first place. You are a women, you have acne, you are "too fat", "too thin", "too short". They may be envious of you, or because you remind them of something or someone they disliked. There are reasons why people will never or perhaps not accepting of you and it often have nothing to do with the way you act or who you are.

2. There are some people who by nature are short-tempered, impatient, demanding, controlling. They will cause you harm even if you are nice to them. If you cannot handle the pressure, leave them. Quite simple actually also.

3. Being too nice turns other people off. This may because they sense your niceness is not genuine, or maybe because your niceness seems to have a price tag on it. Or maybe also because you are so nice that people don't respect you anymore. Nice girls are viewed as being too compliant and this is a major turn-off for some.

4. There are people in the world who will take advantage of your niceness or who interpret your niceness as an open invitation to be cruel.

No fairness in this world. Remember that.

I should be thinking beautiful stuff on a beautiful Monday morning, which is also my first day of freedom by the way in case you haven't heard.

A nice brunch with my girlfriend plus hot yoga sounds suuuper.

In case you have not noticed, indifference is my best policy but I am not going to let that happen this time.

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