Wednesday, May 27

schöne Liebe


It's 2am on a weekday but I am still awake because I desperately need a break from the work tomorrow. I have been completely flat out for the past three weeks and two days and am quite pleased with my perseverance so far. No doubt that it has been quite a tremendous journey with my complaints and sighs that were one too many, I am still happy I gave myself the one month I promised myself. Many I spoke to told me to give myself more time because honestly speaking, I understand that a month is too short to determine the suitability of this job for myself. However, I may not know what I really want but I am crystal clear of what I do not want. The three weeks have its ups and downs and I must admit I have learned so much that other job experiences probably cannot give. But then, enough is enough. No point hanging on and making myself miserable and not looking forward to daybreak every other day. So plan for tomorrow is to text-bail myself out from work. Yeah, go ahead and despise me.

Angels & Demons was rather good. The pace was fast enough. I wouldn't say that it did justice to the book but content wise, the movie was rather concise but still picked up enough main story points to bring out the essence. Anagrams, conspiracies, time chases - nothing to complain about the book at all and the movie was a rather good partner to the text. Still I am for reading before watching, so I am rather glad I got the book first. I am also beginning to accept Tom Hanks as Robert Langdon although to date, I still picture Mr. L as somebody with dark hair and fit with pacs.

Work is making me fat. Nothing beats going home for bread and nutella at midnight. At the rate I am going, I probably need my second jar within one week. Clearly my constant craving for a subway these days does not help. If only I can wake up with an allergy to bread overnight...

Time to go for some yoga plus some little manscaping* tomorrow. In needy mood these days again so please bear with me. I know you don't mind either hehe.

*manscaping - removal of excess human hair ala landscaping

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