Saturday, April 4


You know, about all this shit. I am pretty much getting over it.
Thanks to the people who pulled me up when I fell so hard.
You people DO matter that much.
Judgment and skepticism - inevitable I know.
It hurts. So much.
Especially how all the flak comes from the people I care and love.
I don't care about the rest but just you(s).
Not that I was expecting full approval and acceptance in the first place,
Just some understanding and support maybe.
And the willingness to even give a chance to listen to my side and,
TRUST me again.
Talk is empty; I just have to show through actions.
Hearing about the responses time and time again is disheartening though.
Irony about all the honesty.
Perhaps time was just not on my side.
Come to think of it, my life is not a drama for reviews anyway.

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