Tuesday, March 3


1. Updated my lists.

Speaking of the current movies in the theaters, the one that I really want to catch is "My Bloody Valentine" in 3D. The masked killer, with his pickaxe which I am sure he will put it to judicious use through the torturous 1.5 hours course, has been tempting me to the screens for far too long. The reviews I read so far have really intrigued me. They speak of dislodged jaws with shovels, piercing open a body straight down from the throat, disgourged eyeballs... oooh I like it already - totally not M18 material. Not that I have high expectations for some high-class acting from the B-listers or the oh-so-familiar script, I think the 3D factor is already an incentive that draws me to it. I am not sure why I want to put myself to horror slasher flicks but I have to say they attract me so bloody much, and... for the xth time, it is showing in 3D! I want to enjoy all the eye-popping gory (maybe not the nudity) but no one seems interested in the show so far.

Speaking of food, I am thinking of embarkng on an ambitious quest to try each and every single cake on the list that Strait's Times reckon are the best in Singapore. It will be quite a feat but after trying some 50 of the better cakes in SG, I can die a happy ghost. Oh, and a fatter one I suppose. It will be more difficult for me to float around to scare little kids but I will still be happy.

2. Made plans with Chiu finally to check out the shop at orchard plaza. I hope we will at least have some leeway this time. I am excited.

3. Swimming clock is moving finally after just relaxing my ass and binging last week. I tried Jillian Michael's workout video, which I must say is a monster training sequence. Just a short 30-minutes segment made my thighs protest and now I walk everywhere with squeaking knees and like a duck. I hope the Anchorvale pool remains a deep secret almost like how it is now so that I am always guaranteed a lane with no strange ah peks - rain or shine.

4. I whacked all the orange muffins already. Guilty as charged, but inspiration from the stomach on how to improve my next batch is the best.

5. Funds in my pocket, but all have to go to my card bill, mobile bill. My C905 seems so far.

6. Chocolate Research Facility! Now, how come nobody inform me about this place before? I am so excited to raid the whole shop and just sit myself with good DVDs at home with their chocolate now. The sugarfree range, "Peppermint With Mint Flake", "Coffee With Nescafe Powder", "Tiramisu", "Banana", "Green Tea" and of course all the coffee varieties are so tempting. Also, if I have the extra change in my pocket and am feeling adventurous enough, "Sichuan Pepper" milk choc, "Cheese" milk choc, "Green apple with dried pear" milk choc, "Sweetened Plum" milk choc, "Lychee Martini" milk choc, and "Red Bean" milk choc all sounds pretty exciting. Haha.

7. I am officially addicted on my NDS. No it is not some ploy to distract myself from Wii and my new camera.

Some of the very few I am playing now:
- Sally's Salon (Yes Esther you were right, it's so fun. I couldn't bear to stop!)
- Nintendogs Chihuahua (My chihuahua's name is the best. Muahahaha.)
- Imagine Happy Cooking (The teacher does not crush my ego like Cooking Mama Mama.)
- Polarium (I gave up my beauty sleep for this.)
- Taiko (So cute! And I am hooked to the machine at AMK Hub.)
- Cooking Mama 2
- Tetris (I missed many bus stops because of this.)

Strangely, I still have not started on the Mario games.

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