Thursday, March 12


Is it weird how I crave for a grocery shopping trip now, at 3.15 am? I can't wait to stock up the kitchen with good healthy yummy food. All the crap I have been eating, coupled with the late night suppers are making me feel really lousy. It is simply intolerable and disgusting how all I have for my consideration everyday are instant stuff that are high in sodium and fat. There isn't much choice! Bread is almost always available because mom needs her bread every morning... and I cannot resist if it's there. As unappetizing as it sounds, I miss the days in OK when I munch raw celery and baby carrots instead of bread and cookies. As yummy as the new baking recipes I dug out sounds, they are evil because I cannot resist them, especially at night, and night-eating is not one of the activities good for the waistline! Exasperated already. Ok, shall not rant. I shall go food shopping, and bake tomorrow. Gonna make some choc chip cookies and Mini Cheesecakes with Lime Curd. Plus do some reading of course. Last module to go, won't it be a waste to screw it up?

And of course, me is back in freeflowbread. C905 beckons.

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