Saturday, February 14


It was a good countdown to Vday 09 at Yello Jello because Timbre was too cool for us. Who knew that there would be a Q at 10pm already? Guess I should have known. Also, I should stop drinking beer really; as if my belly is not big enough already. Good girls do not drink beer. Honestly speaking, it was a little nerve-wrecking initially to meet a new friend especially how it has been quite a long time since I befriend new people. It was great to chat briefly to Leewei when she was on shift just now too; poor girl had to work night shift for both today and tomorrow night. Thanks to MC for taking the check too, tomorrow's my turn! =]


I have never been so happy seeing chocolate cookies and kaya when I came back home. It felt comforting to just settle on the couch with kaya toast at 2am and binging on the Imeem A Mei playlist. I should really start sleeping early. Daddy says sleeping late makes you look older and your face pores bigger.


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