Friday, February 6

It's been quite a shitty week.

Firstly, I want to express my sincerest apologies to JTHM. Dui Bu Qi.

I know I should have trusted you, but I did not. What I did was totally uncool and unnecessary and I am very sorry ok. I will live up to my promise to you one. Please trust me again, I will not do what I did. No more hard feelings yeah. Please put what happened between us into history. Let's forget what happened.

So far, the only progress I made for the ES assignment is borrowing three books that relates to GMFs. There are far too many distractions around for me to just sit down and whack the books once and for all. I need to get out of the house. 不良笑花 and all the CNY goodies lying around are too tempting for me to just stick my ass at the study table and get everything done. Thankfully, there is ah chiu to accompany me to read the text outside.

And speaking of which, I have been burning some cash with her as well at all the post-CNY sales everywhere. I managed to get this cute cardi at DP at more than half price, and this Camille-inspired cape marked down to 40% at Gio. I am now a very happy and broke girl. I am still keeping a close eye on my black bag, scarves and hopefully sandals for the summer and maybe a pair of chunkeels.

I can't wait to meet sweetie and juju after all the exams rush. I need to talk to you two so badly.

I can foresee just books and me and the house next week, not that I mind. Just survive the following two weeks and I can jet out of here for another holiday.

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