Wednesday, February 4

The best people I can ever spend time with is my family. Yes, like seriously.

We were supposed to go to the Sentosa Flowers fair. It was a rather impromptu plan because my aunts were there earlier to catch the flowers in good light. We decided against it when we reach Harbourfront though. It was ok... I was looking forward to my thunder tea rice more anyways.

All the stores there were tempting too, but living on the very meager angbao stash for godknowshowlong means no more shopping - much at least. Freeflowbread awaits me I know, with very open arms I hope.

Food Republic is always my first choice. Kopitiam in the basement is too crowded/ bright/ white.

The gang basically.

I have everything in this world thanks to them.

Sentosa, in a mess now. Those alfresco dining overlooking the shore were tempting though. Anyone game to try them?

The lantern, smaller than I expected. I miss the x'mas tree and cake with sweetie.

The frills!

But it looks quite nice lighted up late in the night, right?

My 擂茶飯!

I wonder how many I know tried this Hakka dish, but it is simply one of the most wonderful creation ever. Available in Food Republic for $5.50, but I read that there is one stall in Geylang peddling it for $3.50. I like all the veggies and tofu and peanuts, piled on the brown rice, and then mixed with the "smelly" tea. I should have video-ed my dad and mom trying the tea, hilarious! Craving already...

We ended the night with deepfried doughsticks and some Toastbox, which made me sleepless for quite a while later that night. My parents are very hooked on dipping doughsticks in kopi-o, and to be honest, it was quite good comfort food.

Bakerzin macarons at $1 nett! Shhh... Don't tell too many people. You're looking at peach and japanese lemon. Don't expect too much about the quality though!

Today, I woke up past noon again and was in a mood to fix some brunch with the sister.

We eat far too much instant shitz.

Mom bought this $4.80 Breadtalk loaf and we looked like we ruined it but trust me it tasted pretty well, ok. Milo stuff inspired by milo thick toast in Toastbox we had the night before [our must-order!].

I love chunky rotini so much I think I can have it every meal, definately more tasty than penne. I reckon it's the chewiness hehe. Way too much carbs for a meal but extra fuel needed for the ass-ing.

Too much bad news in a single day.

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