Monday, December 1

I have officially survived three days with the bunk mates in the cold. All is well I guess. School is officially starting tomorrow. Kinda looking forward to it although it means early mornings but it will be easy with waffles from the buffet breakfast every morning. Yum.

Visited the school - empty on a Sunday. Orientation. Pizza!

Bombing memorial - a very beautiful place.

Asian Market - made me miss home very much. Expensive bread.

Panda Express - cheap Chinese takeout.

Tough going through today because I was sneezing non stop since I stepped out of the house. My poor nose. Think I am going to abandon my jacket for the thicker one tomorrow as the temperature is expected to go south this week onwards. I don't have enough thick sweaters! Hope we can visit a mall pretty soon. Waiting for shopping in the outlet stores is kind of agonizing when I just want to burn some cash now. So far, the only purchases are the necessary groceries and a pair of cheap booties from Payless.

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