Saturday, November 29

28 Nov, 0848


It's the second day in Oklahoma! I am surviving well after the very long flight and transits. The jet lag this trip was not as unbearable as the one I suffered during the London/ Paris trip I had that year. I woke up at 8 A.M. like how I do in SG. I am starving!

Reached Oklahoma yesterday at 3pm+. Checked into Biltmore Hotel. First thing I did - brush my teeth and shower! Constipated from all the airline meals. Couldn't unpack because we still had to leave for Marriott Residency the next day. Rested a while, then walked in the freezing cold to the Residency to find Ain. Pandora and co just reached as we walked in. Joanna and Co also just reached after a Amazing-race style journey here. Off to dinner and a little shopping at Wal-mart.

Very tired, constipated, headachey. So had completely no appetite and mood to shop. Dinner was the very nice and crispy fries from Macs. Dozed off at the entrance at Wal-mart while waiting for the cab to come.

29 Nov, 10.20PM
Right now, we are well-settled at the Marriott Residency. The penthouse is great, a lot more like a home and it is spacious for the next three weeks. Looking forward to the daily weekday housekeeping too although bunkmates were extremely neat.

Morning buffet breakfast was great. Total bill of USD11 kept us full till dinner time. Overall, we were less jetlagged to shop and went to Wal-mart again for groceries. Payless is like a 5-min walk away from Wal-mart so pop by to take a look and manage to score myself a pair of cute booties for 15USD. That's my first shopping purchase already. Wal-mart has lots of cheap clothes but I have doubts about the quality. Food wise, yes the variety is exactly what I imagined. Wide wide variety to choose from. Not many seafood choices though, the carnivores would love it here though. We bought USD191 worth of food home in the end. I love the Quaker and Oreo range here, hehehe. Fruits are expensive and of lousy quality. Choosing good apples was a chore.

Dinner - some chicken, lettuce, and veg soup whipped up mainly by Conan after an hour in the kitchen. By 10pm, Joycie and I were super tired already which was super weird.

Having internet access here is a boon and bane. One thing is that everyone will start logging on when there is free time, which I hate. Joyce has concussed (according to Favian) and sleeping already, Mingwei is watching her sleep, Favian is seeing how we can split USD191 grocery bill, and Conan is out smoking (which should be damn shiok in the cold).

Photos are all up in Facebook already! There are simply too many to post them here.
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