Monday, December 15

Day 15, Day 16, Day 17

I really x1000 don't want the 3 weeks in Oklahoma to end so soon! I can feel the time slipping by hour by hour, day by day. LA will be fun I know, but I am sure that nothing will beat the OK experience now. Sigh. So, it is down to the final week in OK already, just got to enjoy everyday while all of us are here.

The weekend was fun, mainly some walking around the hotel and shopping in far far Texas!

Day 15 - 12 Dec

Went home after school with nothing on the agenda and after munching the entire cupboard, I went to explore the area with Bawan.

There are still so many eateries around our hotel to try out, but I can feel my wallet screaming for me to stop spending money already. Truth is I haven't shop enough... although on Saturday, we had one FULL afternoon of shopping all the way in Texas!

Day 16 - 13 Dec

We had to be in the coach at 0730 for the 3+ hour ride to this outlet mall in Texas. The ride was uncomfortably long and I was hoping the long trip better be worth it since they had to get us out of our bed so early on a Saturday morning some more. But oh boy, well worth all the walking and missed lunch. Went back happy with lots of great buys.

Forever 21 was HUGE! I spent two hours in there; I had to call Joycie Moicie because I could not find her. I doubt I finished looking at everything in the store.

That was basically our Saturday and I think the boys pretty enjoyed themselves too. I had to miss A&F, Old Navy because I simply did not have enough time!

Day 17 - 14 Dec

We had the choice to visit 1) zoo/ casino/ omniplex, 2) Cowboy Museum, 3) Ice Skating/ Bricktown. The third choice was the more popular choice strangely, I thought more peeps would have go to the zoo instead.

I went Bricktown to explore instead of ice skating in the end. I left my jacket in the coach and did not walk much in the end and ended up having hot chocolate in this nice creamery, and playing Checkers with Qingren and the "undefeated champion" in Starbucks. It was nice to see Bricktown in the day though. Wanted to go for a movie but there wasn't enough time in the end.

Obligatory tourist shot!

It's down to the last week in Room 122.

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