Sunday, December 21

And so the lion fell in love with the lamb

Finally caught Twilight about a month after it was released in US. Everything was quite B-list but I still love it. Seconds anyone?

A serious lag in uploading photos, will try to get it down asap once I touch down in Los Angeles tomorrow!

I got somehow quite a little too emo on Thursdee and Fridee. I hope my bunkies are used to my erratic mood swings by now. If not for the pointing out, I would not have noticed. It's not the PMS I think. I am just real bummed that the three weeks in Oklahoma has ended. It felt like yesterday when we lugged our luggages and "oooh-ahh" into the penthouse apartment. Now, we are left with our final few hours here.

Oklahoma has really been great. All the shopping, people, laid-back vibe... I doubt the LA experience will be the same, although I am sure it will be another different and of course, fun episode of the trip. Looking forward to some serious exploring and strings of hardcore shopping.

I'm all excited for tomorrow!

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