Friday, October 3


Yes, it's been confirmed. Yours truly has the privilege of going to another concert this year and this time, I am glad it's A Mei although I am not exactly a die-hard, scream-till-zao-sia fan, I am quite looking forward listening to her tomorrow night I guess. Thanks to my shen jing po for sponsoring me.

It's pretty interesting living on less than a red note left in the wallet. Asking for some extra from parents is always the easier way out but I shall try to live with what I have until I really really empty out my piggy bank.

I don't really have the mood to celebrate the birthday actually but then mom thinks that 21st is done once in a lifetime so it's better to hold something. I don't see the point, maybe the timing is not right. I rather use the costs for the catering for the trip, and I hate to see friends who are already so tight on cash to spend on me. Wait, you are going to get me something right? Haha. But seriously, if there are no presents this year, I am perfectly fine with that. Just don't buy photo frames please. I don't care whether Cao Ge kissed it, no more photo frames. The location has changed again. We should be using the same caterer everyone use although I wanted to try other more special ones but mom gave the disapproval. I am still searching for the perfect cake.

I need a movie. Think it's time I muster all my courage and watch one, alone.

Some pictures a Lenovo colleague took when Nico Rosberg came last Wednesday for a meet-and-greet. I missed it... There's Mr pink bottle inside but he really paled in comparison next to Nico.

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