Wednesday, September 17

Work these few days have been a real dreary affair because boss's boss is on MC leave for the third day in a row, which means it is more convenient for me to surf the net (or social notworking). Surf everything I can until my bones want to break already. It's not that I cannot be independent during work or I need supervision but the workload has been minuscule, the flow of contracts haven't been coming in for this month.

Being in a cold, unhappening office is of course better than slugging my guts out at freeflow, but my ass hurts from sitting here eight hours everyday. I should start on my assignment, but there are always the distractions online. So if I sound sian/dead/boring on MSN, please forgive me. Working in office is numb-braining.

I can't wait for dinner @ town with the bitches tonight!

Anyway I spent the whole afternoon on food blogs yesterday. Amazing. Singapore is such a food city! The food may not be the most authentic or best, but you cannot deny that there is food everywhere you turn. You will never get hungry (or skinny maybe) in Singapore. I think I need more foodie friends. It's not that difficult - you don't have to be Anthony Bourdain. Just don't give me that "Why are you still talking about food after an hour?" look and you are my best friend. Mom has been nagging me to look for a good caterer and cake. I hate sourcing, but someone needs to get the job done. Any requests for cakes? I want all! I can't make up my mind.

Mid Autumn festival is over finally, thank goodness that moon cakes do not have long shelf lives. I miss the childhood days where the festival was a chance for me to show my vandalism potential with simply candles and lighters. I used to favor the colored plastic lanterns (rabbit please) to the paper cylinder ones, although they would be burned to ashes in like five seconds. As the brood grew up, the idea of gathering and playing with the rowdy kids seems crazy. But still, miss.

For me, there is always an excuse or occasion for good food, so here is what I did on Sunday night.

The moon! I was thankful that the rain stopped at 8pm+ and I love the whole "clouds-around-the-moon" effect. And oh, I pointed at the moon.

This is my first time at the Buangkok foodcourt since it opened. 24-hours! There is a karaoke session for all. Terrible singing I must add but I think it contributed to the whole heartland experience.

Finally settled at 螃蟹师傅. Feeling faint because I was starving and walked past one table with chilli crab and of course, 馒头

All set to attack, with my "giap"!

Bliss with the after-rain, crabs, and of course, beeeerrrr...

I said I was very hungry... 叉烧包~ 豆沙包~!

Sambal Kangkong.
I have tasted better. This one was fried the right way, not too soggy. The leaves still retained the crunch but I would prefer the sauce to be less oily.

Crab Beehoon - Soup

I haven't had crabs with balck pepper or chilli for ages but I guess I cannot complain because I am not paying. Usually I would go for the dry version because I like my beehoon soggy and wet but this one works for me.

There is milk in the soup, giving it more flavour, but some may not prefer this as it takes out the natural flavour of the crabs.

Unfortch, all the mother crabs escaped so we have to settle for the father crabs. No


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