Tuesday, September 23

The new module looks promising.
Promisingly for me to get lost. As if I am not a lost deer enough.

The professor Musselman - how can you forget a name like that, was nice and funny enough, although he reminded me much of the Comparative Politics lecturer. White, beardy, same room, and I remembered being very lost in the comparative politics lectures then. I appreciate Musselman's attempts to make us laugh though. It's not easy crawling all the way to town to listen to American history, although some points made today were well, very interesting. I definately learned new things.

Ok and I admit I was lost/ daydreaming/ thinking about xiao long baos/ making out with cao ge in my mind - most of the time.

Attempts to save failed on the first day of lessons, because Cotton On was on sale (like again?). Qingren, we should get the white shirt.

Forget about "want/need". We should must get it.

I need the textbook but am most unwilling to cough out almost a day's pay for the lifesaver for 9 days. Joycestick was nice enough to help me check with the school bookshop (I refuse to call it Brainwaves; wtf) but I ain't so lucky to get my hands on a second hand copy this time. National Library only has the copy in its reference library. I am dead. Either I die starving, or I die getting lost during lessons. No fun either way.

Painted Skin Gala Premiere at GV Grand last Thursday night, when I hadn't touched any revision and the assignment. But then, "free transport, free movie", who can say "no"... Thanks to meatball.

Qi Yu Wu - Looks unreal like a wax figure. I don't dare to look at him that night actually.

Zhen Zi Dan - Manly and boyish at the same time. Although decked in all white, he looks quite petite. Very suave when he smiles. Makes jokes although most turned out cold like my cha soba.

Random Boy - Tries a little too hard but ok lah, looked my way when I took pictures. Pity him for standing beside two of the hottest males on earth.

I was walking in Cannery after the Scripting exam on Saturday evening and bump into this poster.

Seriously?! Cao Ge in Singapore?! Why didn't he tell me?!

Oh yeah, I don't even know him. So, I called my super "on" chabor.

And a few hours later, we're in we're in! We are going to see Cao Ge!

All the photos and some videos on Facebook here!

The ticket costs $35 inclusive of one "beer/ soft drink/ juice". Totally worth it. He was about two metres away from me. The VIP section was right in front of the stage and Zhang Yao Dong, Jeff Wang, Dawn Yeoh, Nat Ho, Felicia Chin, Michelle Chia, and Shaun Chen were there.

Michelle Chia is super super hot. As my mom would put it, 该大的地方大, 该小的地方小。

Even if I had paid $70 for the ticket, I would think it was totally worth it..
Because I touched Cao Ge's hand! I touched his left hand!!

I think I can die happy now... Even if Jay Chou were to kiss me now, I think I wouldn't have any feeling. Sorry if I sound like a 12-year-old, but I still giggle to myself at the thought of that moment. The happiest 4 seconds of my life. Hurhurhur.

I still have some food pictures not yet to be uploaded but I think I should stop posting food for a while.

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