Monday, June 9

first things foremost, happy birthday joycestick! i know i'm late, but then you should know me by now, putting things off has always been my bad habit. so better late than never! hope u love all the gifts, and our little lovely surprise! may all the memories of ghost stories, pool wading at midnight, 4-hours ofmurdering, stick with you long long! love you always.

second, calista chan bao bao is back! finally. after about a year without her presence, i actually managed to survive and thank goodness she's not back a different person i cannot recognise. she's still the same good o' baobao, except (most people would agree) prettier, hotter, sexier, mature-r! i'm so glad you're back babe! i know you miss your friends back home and i truly can understand the feeling but hope you will still make super memories here to bring back with you ok. then when that day comes for you to go back, we will cry all over again..

thirdly, happy birthday to: ivan-kaiwei (cause it's not that ivan ivan and not that kaiwei-kaiwei). happy 15th! uncle wong ("guan-ren-jia", no more emomomo). happy 24th! junelle (the exams ended just on time!) happy 21st! eric. happy 21st! leewei (i miss you very much). happy 20th!

hmm and also my dearest ah gal has left for ns. i can't wait to lick your botak.

this is certainly not the most proper of update but photos will be up soon!
anyway, anyone want to buy my ds to sponsor my singfest-cao ge fund?

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