Monday, June 16


哈皮 birthday to JUJU and ERIC 爽

juju, i wish you happiness always! you can always find me for shopping, spreeing, emo-ing, eating. i do best at everything (yo yo). however hard it is sometimes, we must find the time to meet up more often ok. i love you!

eric 爽, i wish you to stay so happy-go-lucky yoh! may you have all the 元气 you need for the new school term! 加油!

(why am i blogging in a mix of engrish and chainese. shyt)

and just because there haven't been any pleektures recently and i know you miss my face....

my 2 heroes. sweetie is too hungry and mistook my face for 小笼包, see how she's ready with the chopsticks already.. 宝宝 is ever (ever!) camera-ready as usual.

my supposedly date for the night. sorry lah, i owe you one evening ok.

my version of the "finger". don't mess with my erm.. 包.

hurhur. i cannort dlink aninore.. *sic

you can see how much we love eric from this picture.

i told you she's a hero. zapping energy to the 包s.

kel suddenly feels rich. not that i'm complaining.

and one of the highlights of the evening!

wahhahaa! facebook facebook!

erm, will post pictures of "the last-TCC-supper", "how to havoc at clarke quay with $20 until 4am", "daddys-day yummy yum cha" soon. this week is going to start well - with new things to focus on, issues settled, things thrashed out, new problems to tackle, more people to meet, new food to try...

i love my xiao cha bors. joyce ang, calista chan, low chiu - i love and appreciate each and every one of you, down to every strand hair on you. we share joy together, but i want and is more than willing to share your woes too. not that i want us all to be sad, emo people walking around like bubble-boy (minus the bad hir), but i am willing to be there for you people to trust me enough to confide/ rant to me. i have a high threshold for negativity, so don't feel shy to come to me please (not that you guys aren't shy creatures to begin with).

my phone is on 24-7. my sms-es are mainly friendly and i use lots of smilies. my hugs are free, i don't have BO and i use nice deodorant. if you want to destress, i am willing to let you all pinch my face (it resembles a stressball anyway so don't waste).


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