Friday, January 25

14 days!

it's a day more to the after-exam, 2 days to bugis, 3 days to cloverfield with st and kel, and... 14 days to chinese new year!

i can't hardly wait! i want it to come faster. speaking of which, i really never ever spend cny in sg before and i think cny here is a real drab affair so i can understand how peeps are never excited or interested. and mind you, it's more than just the angbao money to me. maybe it got to do a alot with the cny goodies, road trips, mandarin oranges, people, buying new outfits and red underwear...

though this year will be different in many ways, i'm still glad it's that time of the year.

i have finally finished the assignment and revision for the exam went surprisingly smooth cos there wasn't anyone to disturb me since early morning. so, taking a small small break now. and coming online during stressed periods is dangerous like going ntuc on an empty stomach. i have spent 3 days worth of pay yesterday because i was seriously missing retail therapy. and i just went to pay my bills which totaled to half a month's pay.

oh no. broke.
which means, i need a job!

2 of the skinniest women on earth. should be good motivation to start working out for new year huh.

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