Monday, October 8

It has been only a week since school started the break for us to study and relac relac abit before we hit the month-long combined modules in Dec. And... the week just whizz by - just like that! That means, I really need to start my studying already, like now! Haven't touch the books in one whole week.

The letter to Cali has been given to her family! Girl, hope you will receive our love very soon. I'm sure your family will send loads of goodies for you... Looking forward already right? Haha, we're all missing you here ya. Take care loads really. Happy playing and studying there at the same time!

Hmm, today managed to clear my wardrobe to make space more new additions for the christmas sales haha... I am so looking forward to Sentosa this weekend too although there are like things to fret about for the week after but still... I'm gonna put them behind my mind for a while and enjoy while I can first. Finally can use my camera too! =D

Why can't I seem to enjoy myself during the Oct period every year? =\

Serious craving for korean food now... although I just had a feast there like 2 days ago. Sigh.

ST, you know I don't do bday lists. Just focus and concentrate on your exams first ya. You know I'm always free to meet even for an hour okay... JIAYOU!

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