Thursday, October 4


I have absoutely no idea what is going on but lately, I am having a very unlikely and embarrassing obsession with...

Yes, this is a major WTF moment. I do not have a explaination myself. Don't ask me. I don't even fancy any colour close to pink in the first place to like this cat with no smile.

But.... it's so kawaiiiiiiii!

ANYWAY, please support Kalyn and her sis at the Wardrobe Raids Flea at Powerhouse this Sunday afternoon! I'm definately going down and so should you! =D

Details here -->

>Kalyn: free advertising leh. Very good right...

Dear peeps at Facebook,
thanks for all the invitations but I do not have that much desire to be transformed into a zombie/ vampire/ werewolf/ ninja/ pirate YET for the moment.

I very much prefer to stay a human first. How can you live drinking blood instead of yuen yang? Gee.

Would he ever know?

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