Friday, June 22

Ok, event of the week was Pay $$ Day yesterday. A little cash in the bank gives me this weird sense of security. Yeah, money buys security. So, always find a rich boyfriend.

I'M JUST JOKING! I rather have a NUM. Have a sense of humour please.

June is almost over and so will all the birthday dinners. Thankful for that, and I have never been so looking forward to July.

Now, all I want is 26th to come so I celebrate lil bro's and mom's birthday. We'll have a big big feast and throw everything behind us. I just want my mom (and my ears) to be happy. My mom happy = no nag = no fights = peace.

Anyway, Cali the best friend is finally leaving for the states in only... A MONTH'S TIME!


How can I survive without her?!

So, we had this steamboat lunch at her house today which lasted a little over two hours. I ate for two hours straight! Damn the food. I missed the old dining table where we used to study and do endless economics essay plans and read, highlight endless history notes.

The next four weeks will be spent spending as much time as I can with her bah. How I wish I can remember as much aspects of her as possible so that I can still remember her like now over the next four years.

And I am in lurve with her Majolica mascara. LOL. OOT.

Brownie stack + guess-the-song-games + besties = LOVE. =D
Chocolate never fails to make me happy and blissful... That's why I don't need a boyfriend you see. It's my daily dope.

I should not work so much and also get out of the house more.

Tomorrow! Seafood Feast on the other side. Oh, and the shopping.

Confession: I like "Be With You" and "Escape" by Enrique mole-less Iglesias.

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