Saturday, June 23

Erm, I just want to share three songs I especially love these days with you.

Firstly, it's this song by "The Click Five". They are not my my favourite band and I can't tell them apart from "Simple Plan" and that sorts but I am super in LOVE with their song, "Say Goodnight".

Feiren sent this song to me, and I was so hooked to it after listening to it just once. Don't think it will be quite some time before I get sick of it. Or maybe never.

Second song is a One Tree Hill Song. Bethany Joy Lenz & Tyler Hilton - When The Stars Go Blue.

Reminds me so much of One Tree Hill.

阿沁 - 其實還愛你

I listen to this before I sleep everynight. With the "Say goodnight".

Erm, yeah anyway today I finally had my Banana Chocolate cake from Secret Recipe. It's not sweet enough for me actually. Their Hot Chocolate is though, super good. Chocolate overload. But I'm not complaining.

Now, I just want my durian thick toast again.

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