Wednesday, June 6

I want to go Hong Kong with the FreeFlowBread people but... I need cash!

I can't go for another holiday when I am suppose to save for firstly, my digital camera... secondly, the big big dinner to celebrate Papa's day, Mommy's birthday and Brother's birthday. Thirdly, the US trip in 09! I have to save something or else mommy will just nag and nag everyday and I don't exatly blame her actually because she is just worried I will spend all my salary and save nothing like how I did during the RP days.


GSS starts and I haven't exactly put on my shopping shoes yet. There are just so many things I wanna get. Think I will stop online shopping for a while too much or else...

Nothing beats shopping at 2am at the comfort in your room.

I seriously need the JB trip again on the 21st! Hehe. Anyway I got the Black Snake Moan DVD already (shh) but still haven't watch it yet.

My RockTheSub partner is all the way in Queenstown. Sobs.

I don't want to go tutorial which doesn't help at all (again)! One session is enough! Just kill meeeee......

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