Monday, June 11

Counting Blue Cars

Nothing to update because it has been a real hectic week - meeting people, eating, more eating, trying to lose weight from all the eating, and of course trying to get the assignments done.

And.... celebrating all the birthdays! Seriously, there is like a birthday every week!

That leaves a seriously broke, fat, depressed, messy, disorganised me. I hate hate hate this. My room and hair and homework are in a huge mess. I hate everything being disorganised! Argh.

Anyway I can't remember much that happened in the previous week because I haven't got my ginko yet (ha!). I only remembered eating LOADS with the gang. Kim Gary, Xin Wang, Thai Accent... Sheesh.

I ate what I ate in a week in three days!

Anyways, up next, is fondue at haagen and seafood feast in JB. Time to start saving space in the stomach.

Accepted a new temp job too with XY. I know absoutely nothing about this job except that we can wear jeans (=[ ) and cannot wear nike shoes because we will be working for adidas. Nope, it's not a sales job, thank goodness. I really know nothing about the assignment, except that I will be working long hours. Still deciding at this point whether the exra dollar per hour will be more worth. I'll see.

Gosh, I can't wait to with XY again.

She may be crazy, bitchy, eat alot, laugh too loud, but still, hanging out with her never fails to chase the blues away. Haha.

After the job, will be working loooong hours at freeflowbread. Sigh. Then, sunday hopefully can get dad out of the house and treat him something nice. Hopefully, he will have the mood despite everything that happened in the past week...

I am real afraid of checking my bank balance.

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