Wednesday, May 23

What a morbid first day back to school.

John Smith died and I had to write an obituary for him.

Then after prof Karlie assured he would be back after the break, he died again, this time jumping from a hotel caught in fire.

What a happy way to celebrate me back in school! Oh well.

And John Smith will be back tomorrow.

Actually I kinda miss waking up early morning, eat medicine, sleep, wake up eat medicine, sleep, wake up eat medicine, sleep... That's what I remembered about Monday. Other than my mom feeling my forehead or pushing the ear thermometer into my ear while I was half asleep then going "Aiyo...".

Choy x3.... I don't want to be sick again! Not at least for a long long time.

I ate alot today because my mom was watching me and not eating medicine actually brings appetite back. Screw panadols!

If I was not scheduled to work on friday night, I will probably at the Padang.

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