Wednesday, May 30

Eh, nothing much to update except that school's out (again) with another assignment to complete plus pre-assignments.

Gosh, pre-assignments?

Like I care.

Anyway, the sale is on. Pig-out holiday which will prove I-am-not-dieting this weekend. Vesak Day this Thursday. Weird I have no celebrations this year, prolly only earning shopping $$ at freeflowbread. Oh wells.

I bet this month is going to whizz by FAST.

Oh, and I will do the pre-assignments. Just joking there. Ciao, will be back with better things to talk about. And psst, Zodiac is a very nice movie. Just wear thick layers and don't drink too much during the show.

"You know you love someone when you feel like you fall in love with that person all over again everyday." -- Saw/heard this somewhere sometime today

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