Wednesday, May 9

So Long So Long

I really like rains, maybe except when I am getting ready to leave the house for the once-in-a-few-months swims or when I am wearing the new pair of shoes or carrying the teeny weeny bag which leaves absoutely no extra space for a brolly.

But still, there is something so nice about rains that you can't hate it.

I like the signals of a shower - gathering of the dark clouds, birds seeking shelters, people walking faster, kids putting on raincoats, maids keeping in their laundry.

Then when the clouds cannot hold it any longer, the earth cools and we forget about the humidity.

More importantly, I love rains cos they remind me of London, where it's mostly grey and cold all day.

And when the rain ends, rainbows appear, birds come out again, the grass is wet, flowers bloom. And you can wear layers again. Lol.

Won't someone go with me to 28 WEEKS LATER? Please please please...

My diet is going really well, except for the chocolate cakes rampages during the past few days. Sigh, but I have been working out more than usual so that's a good thing. My mom needs her morning coffee, I need milo. Nothing beats a hot cup of chocolate when you first wake up.

Omg, queue for me please?! Pretty doughnuts! I want a flavour each and will wipe them out within 5 I tell you.

Welcome back Shan! I hope you brought loads of things back with you..

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