Friday, May 11

It's Raining Men

I know I'm late but,

Why no one jio me go see hunks at Gotham Penthouse? Oh no, and I swore I will not go club because school is starting soon and I need stay at home and be good girl and not breathe in any more smoke.

There are videos in Youtube, apparently recorded illegally but still, thank you whoever you are for sharing.

Yesterday's MOS was fun actually! Smoove was infested with too many big burly ang mohs. They are so high lah and went abit crazy. Hmm. Main Arena was good with all the 80s rock plus retro stuff. That thing you do~

Ya but whatever, I will be my mommy's good girl and stay at home and fold clothes at night then go to sleep at 11pm sharp.

I think I am working too much again.

Today woke up groggy from last night and met with my skirt buyer at Bugis. Then combed Street for some buys, spent $ but I am happy with my buys :)

They called it right - retail therapy.

Then walked to Kwan Yin Temple, stayed there for a while... Walked to PS for more shopping... Under the terrible terrible HOT sun. Sigh, sometimes I really wish we have the SSUW.

Missed the area so much. Walking around the area reminds me of walking to Little India with Cali to take bus home. Sigh.

Full shift tomorrow! But XY is coming for a visit plus for cakes.

I love love love Truffle Cheesecake.

No pic. =(

I talked to you in the eye for three secs, I said my "hi" without shaking, I walked without tripping. I'm ok. I'm ok. I wished my heart wouldn't respond to the same way it did like then. I wished I didn't see you at all. I wished you forgot me.

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