Saturday, May 5

News of The Week

Omg, have you heard have you heard?!


Nah, please. That won't even happen in a willion years. But rather, Paris Hilton is going to jail!

A judge sentenced Paris Hilton to 45 days in county jail Friday for violating her probation

Read the article if you have that much free time. Yawn. But it's high time for a reality check for that girl.

Finally... got to catch Spideyman 3 yesterday with some FreeFlowBread peeps. The booking process was horrendous man, can't believe there were sooo many people watching it. It wasn't so bad for Spidey 2! Since the movie was out on Tuesday, I belive I was late to watch it yesterday! I think it is like the peak month for the many cinemas. I would work in cinemas, but I like to believe every cinema is haunted. And I happen to be ghost-phobic.

Oh and please don't ask me whether the movie is good anot. Please loh, this question even need to be asked? It's good ok, no question about that. Though I must say I found Spiderman 2 a better one. 3 delivers, but still have a weird weird feeling about the movie after it ended.

Perhaps it is because I sat on the forth row (proud of it already!) and that some ass kept kicking my seat.

But overall, I love the show. It's like how ManU lose a match and you still love the guys.

Here are some thoughts I had.

Spidey, Goblin, Sandman and Venom can form the new Fantastic 4.

Each of them are so powerful they can surely beat the group. I didnt watch Fantastic 4 so I don't know how powderful they are but I reckon Spidey can beat them. Looks alone can win Fantastic 4; if you outcast Sandman abit.

Yes, Fantastic 4 may have the trump card of Alba which will surely distract the 4 guys - especially Goblin because he mentioned girlfriend stuff and seemed a little despo (Harry, I'm single and very available!). But if so, maybe Spidey can pass a little of his powers to Mary Jane then MJ and Alba can have a little catfight of their own ala Lita and Sheena of WWE.

But the four of them hate each other leh, so that might be a little difficult. Maybe they will fight each other halfway during a fight with the Fantastic 4. Then that will leave Fantastic 4 puzzled over the situation only.

And if the 8 of them royal rumble together, I think it will be a real eye opener! Tickets will sure sell like hotcakes! But it will be expensive, cos need to hire alot cleaners. Bad aftermath of webs, sand, black goo everywhere... Tsk tsk. Messy.

If spidey is to choose fugly Gwen Stacey over MJ, I will shoot an arrow right though the spider motif on his oh-so-tight suit. I don't know whether it is the too-tight suit which cause his brain not to function properly (or is it the casting director's) to affect his taste for femme.

Please loh! The blond hair shouts tacky. The face is too plastic! Spidey, you want to be with a woman who looks surprised all the time and with the chin of Aslee Ugly Simpson? What were you thinking? And how could you do that kiss with her?! Omigoodness... I could have slap you back from upside down for that, you dumb dumb jerk heartbreaker asshole. (Ok, I still love you, didn't mean that.)

Stick to MJ ok.

Who by the way, looks simply fantastic in the show. Love her dressing (I want to steal her heart locket). Blue dress looks cute and her vintage blouse and pencil skirt. And her flattering red hair looks so cute it makes Gwen's blond looks really passe. Love you MJ! (I love Michael Jackson too!) And the ironic thing is Kirsten Dunst is a natural blond while Bryce DH is a natural redhead.

I was so worried Sam Raimi will kill her off loh and make Parker go out with Stacey. If it happens, I will boycott the next movie (if there will be one) which I'm sure Raimi wouldn't want that to happen cos that = no more new Spidey's suits. And he needs them due to the many new fights he got into. Besides, the costume maker will surely want a higher commission due to "rising costs" - the new suit will now be able to withstand sand punches, black evil alien goo, timed explosions... And maybe the powers of fanstatic 4.

On a final note, I think Spidey should continue his boy-next-door image rather than his bad-boy image. He look alot sexier as a nerd (which I'm sure MJ approve 100%) with his hair waxed up and wearing casual knits. Drop the floppy hair, black shirts and dorky dance moves! He sure can fight but not dance man. We love you as a dork and stick to that. But only Peter Parker is a cool dork. Other nerds are not cool. So don't think you are cool if you are a nerd. Only Peter Parker can pull off the cool nerd vibe.

I need the DVDs for the 3 spidermans!

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