Monday, April 2

Just a note

Eh paiseh to those very very few who follow my whiny blog because I haven't drop by for a long long time. Not my fault ok, blame it on Mr Blogger who just refused to log me in. But anyway I am using my own lappie now, which costs like half a year of savings.. Sigh. But how much do you expect me to earn in Cartel anyway right.

Yup, so anyway lots have happened these month. I spent far too much on shopping with my renewed interest in sprees. Not good. I got confused in the game of love. Not good. I wasted two precious weeks not doing my poject and go pak toh. Not good. I just realised my Chrismas chocolates expired by a whole month. Not good. The only few good things that actually happen, I can't remember.


But then, Genting trip may happen afterall. Plus the mid-year gathering cum food feast with all the uncles and aunties. Loosen all the knots in my heart too, so everything seems ok so far now.

Some how, staying at home all day and not going to school is making me more zi bi! I missed laughing and watching the classmates shoot each other. Can't wait for the next gathering already! Plus Genting..!

Oh, and Windows Vista is fucking slow. Hate to use that word but it is. Deleting some image from my thumdrive can hang the whole system. I don't even download or have any mp3 in my system loh! Super mad for not buying a XP one earlier! Can't even download MSN with this new system. =X Help! Any Vista users?

Tagged by Jer! Now, you not only have a pair of cute white sandals, you also got a cute cam you know! I shall buy the pink one to match yours! Hahaa...

You scored 85% SWEET, 81% CHUNKY, and 59% UNIQUE!

chocolate ice Cream with fudge brownies

Very sweet, very wild, and very fun! People flock to this ice cream flavor, just as they flock to you. You love being surrounded by friends and getting crazy together! You could probably stand to calm down a little, but the kind of freedom you feel is inspiring. You really care about the people in your life and party hard, but are open to new ideas and experiences.

85% sweet ok... Haha! And I am happy with the flavour, no complaints! =)

But then, since we are on the topic of ice cream, I think this picture is better lah...

I need ice cream real bad... =(

Oh, read Lao Zha Bor's blog. It's quite funny. xiaxue who? But she's a bit bhb like xx lah. Just a warning first.

I'm off to finish my Triumph in the Skies! Ya I am super slow I know. Jia you to everyone with your projects. You have about two weeks more...

I shall go do interesting things so I have interesting things to blog about.

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