Friday, March 9

Swing Swing Swing

I finally get to play the Uncle Ringo funfair! The name sounds promising but believe me, it's not. It's bloody small and the wheel is not that high...

First time I went with xiao qi gui, I didn't went on any rides becauuse it was late and then, didn't felt it was worth to spend money to scare myself for less than five minutes where I could have used the money to watch a movie. So we just walk around and look at people shoot darts.

Today I went with sweety, who never seems to be intimidated by ANY ride. And I meant ANY because how on earth could she have stand that Genting ride?! Wah piang... No feeling at all.

After watching the people swing left-right-left-right plus having hung around the company of sweety, we went on the challenger. And oh by the way, I met Syedah right outside the funfair, a dear friend from SR. She's a real estate agent now, with the full gear of sexy suits and bulky briefcase and all... Goodness. What a transformation! (Look at myself with shame)

Oh so we spent like so much and went on the challenger. I almost puke my seafood combo (still waiting for Tom-Dick-Harry treat. I had the Long John's one) out. Now still feel like the ground is spinning... I took the chance to scream all my fruastration out too.

Halfway through, I thought I would die from all the swinging and finally screamed when I couldn't take it. Felt better after it. Kind of liberated. My poor throat definately won't thank me though... Haha. I'd like to think of that ride as a prelude to Genting... I still want to go you know. Anyone anyone?? =)

Speaking of which, I must really thank sweety for meeting me for the night. If not I will probably rot in front of the TV or gao zi bi with my book. Thanks for asking me out and meeting me for dinner... For listening to me yakkings... Meeting with you for less than three hours managed to chase all the 3-weeks blues away.

Thank God for you. I LOVE U! muacks xinfinity!! X)

Hope we will learn something together like pilates or something so we get to meet on a regularly basis.. That is if you can stand seeing me often hehe. And I wanna go for pop piano lessons. Anything constructive in my life. I need things other like school and work now. I have no life. I bore people. I dress like I don't care. I need something er... new.

Oh and I managed to make Mrs Rooney cry yesterday because I wu jian dao her into believing that I am going to the other class. I thought I was a bad actress already because I kept giggling while telling her the bad news. I just couldn't keep a straight face. After I told her the news and brush her persistant questions of whether I was really going to the next class off and get on with my synopsis, I turned to her and her tears in her eyes!

So shocked lah! And it's not her normal "eyes leaking" scenes... Haha! I don't know to be happy anot because I am so touched that she will actually cry but at the same time felt bad for tricking her. Wahaha! You are going to see me again for the next 2 years!! Looking forward to go classes with you and Kay!

Ok I better go or I will continue to bore everyone with my yakking. My brother finally starts downloading decent stuff! Like Mr Bean!!

And internet TV is so... addictive! I have watch the latest episode of Guess Guess Guess plus La Bi Xiao Xin(ma ma~ ma ma~). And hehehe, weekend EPL here I come.

How to complete assignments now...?

I got a feeling I going to go on low-mode again. Just like the swing, except I don't swing up high that often.

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