Friday, April 20

I have been listening to alot sentimental love songs lately. Not that I am in love, because I doubt I will be for a very long time. I guess it is because these sad romantic love songs are more easy on the ears than the pop hits they play again and again on the radio. Gets a lottle annoying and irritating when all they sing about is about sex. I want to listen to all the l.o.v.e. again. When I listen to these songs, I will make mental notes like which ones I want to play at my wedding. HAHA. I really like Air Supply's Making Love Out of Nothing At All too. Listen to it yeah. So sad and depressing.

Oh, and Akon's "I wanna love you" is much better than the F version. Oh my goodness, I can't bear to listen to the F version for more than 30 seconds into song. Argh.

So yesterday was one long day (and night). Worked from 12 to 4, then went to Macs alone to do my slides. to my horror, there is no Powerpoint software in my laptop! So I spent, or rather wasted my precious time switching from Friendster to sprees to blogs. I must admit I am getting quite worried that I have to rush the slides like how I rush my report earlier. It was damn nerve-wrecking and stressing having the GP as the only thing on the agenda.

Oh so anyway ended work at 10pm plus and rushed home so I could make it to meet XY. Luckily Dad wasn't at home and mom was sleeping, hence making it easier for me to sneak out. Ya, naughty I know but I really wanted to go out yesterday night. Made it to MSR and met XY's "crazy" friends. I didn't know any of her friends so it wasn't as fun but at least I know new people. Socialising... Have not know new people for a long time already :)

Anyway I thought I have a nice day off from work and can start doing something on my presentation today. But then received a call from work asking me for my time and since they seem desperate for manpower and it was only until 10pm, I agreed. Just last week, I was complaining about how my schedule has been cut down so bad, and now I am complaining I am working too much. I will be working during the weekends too, which makes me working for 8 days in a row! No life. No time with classmates = Boring jo.

Think of the money, jo. Think of W55...

Pat is still leaving afterall. -.- Which means the new manager who according to all the gossips that she is incompetent, will come to HGM still. But I guess this is really none of my business really as long as I do my job and go home when the time is up. I just had an Aunt Amy at 12am thanks to Pat.

Price = $4.85
Calories = 34730
Satisfaction = Orgasmic enough.

It is so sweet it attracted a lot of ants to my table. Still can't believe finished one all my myself

Speaking of which, must give alot XOXO to Joyce buddy for coming down specially to pass me the disc and exchanging the cake. Thanks alot girl, you are always my lifesaver. We still haven't had our Secret Recipe Banachoco cake you know. I still owe you the treat. ;)

But then again, your life is so "tian mi mi" now you don't need the cake. Ha!

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