Tuesday, April 17

I added the Cheap Trick song I have been putting on loop these days over there <<--

And these days, time flies by so fast, rushing through the report. Plus taking a break, both physically and also my laptop too. Work this week is better too, working everyday compared to the previous weeks where I don't even earn enough to buy new shoes.

So this week will be one busy busy week. (=

Oh, so today I did went for free cone. In the end, only half the number of people who agreed to go down together went (you know who you are!). There is a line of people there as early as 12 plus man... I was thinking I rather spend money to get a cone. Just as we were looking up at the line of people and going "ooo", Jer went out of his shop to throw rubbish. Haha...

Then it was off to Sunshine. Chris Evans is probably the only good thing about the show. Actually it wasn't that good lah. The trailer was too fab already. But then, it wasn't that bad also. Some good moments too.

Halfway through I was gian-ing popcorn so quite xin ku. But I couldn't say anything.

Oh and Gelare waffles finally~ Honey Malt Crunch I like... I have a craving now suddenly. Sigh.

Payday's coming. Shopping in advance! =)

Pat is not leaving anymore!

Countdown to Genting = 9 more days!!

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