Tuesday, January 16

Rapid Hope Loss

I embarked on a mission (trailer voice please) for a new blog skin, a less depressing one I must add. And this is the result. Well, not very much improved, but it's not dark anymore. Hey, that's a step ok! Can't remember the last time a had one which is not black.

And anyway I really love "Window in the skies". So there it is, all high up and big.

I figured a less depressing skin might change my luck a bit. Not that I believe in Feng Shui that much although I am as tempted as bestie to buy that rose quatz bracelet which claims to "improve your love life". Not that I need it HA. But anyway, I am seriously, terribly, AWFULLY down on my luck so much all I do whole day is lock myself in my room and cry so I will not spread my bad luckness around. Especially now, at this time. My family don't need any more bad luck. Enough man.

Or maybe I just need to blame all these misfortunes on something. So blame on LUCK.

I'm beginning to get used to the whole assignment+exam every three weeks drama. Very sian but what to do. You still have to get through it in the end right. Might as well just finish it quickly and enjoy your pathetic weekend break.

Which reminds me I am working another 13-hour shift this weekend.

Which reminds me it's high time to stock up the chicken essence~ (contary to popular belief, they taste good. Ok, to me lah)

If you're a Fengshui master (PT also can), please email me thank you.

Shifu, I got nothing to pay you but only er, chicken essence. Abalone must wait till new year ok.

On a brighter note, Blood Diamond was superb (but I didn't cry, very disappointed).

Prison Break VCD! Late nights with Miller Love = XD

Lalala. Study hard.

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