Saturday, January 27

A letter to TIME

Hey! How are you? You must be awfully busy with everyone running after you.

Can you go faster on certain days?

Like during MMR lessons? Because they are really boring. I promise you I tried my darnest best to stay awake but I rarely succeed.

Can you go slower on certain days?

Like when I get together with Siew Tee and Calista and we would have the bestest time sitting at the corner of Cartel and catching up. Talking about the latest guys in our lives, crapping like we used to, and laughing out super loud like it's nobody's business.

Thanks for allowing me to see things in another perspective now. You know what they say about you, "Time will take everything away eventually." How true. After the talk with my besties, I really realise how foolish I had been. So, I guess I still need a little more of you. Just a little bit, and I will erase everything I can.

I know it's difficult but I know you will help me right.

Oh, one last thing. Can you please go slower during the three-week break. Please... I wanna spend more time at the kampung. I wanna finish all the DVDs waiting for me. I wanna walk every inch of Vivocity. I wanna go beach-ing.

Till next time then.

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