Thursday, January 18


Me, being the guai girl who check emails everyday, (ok maybe everyone check their inboxes everyday...) found the usual internship/jobs-available email from MDIS.

In my junk inbox.

Wow, a chocolate specialist?! Do I get to sample chocolate all day? *_*

Kpo-Auntie: "Wa, your daughter finish studies now le ah? So what's she working now? My daughter now become doctor leh"

Mom: "Don't play play ah~. My daughter is a chocolate specialist hoh. Do you know another chocolate specialist? You tell me, you tell me."

Kpo-Auntie: -Eyes glimmering with admiration- *_* Wah...

More GG...

There are two particular shows coming to Channel 5, which I am VERY excited about...



Don't know why but Nickelback's "Hero" keeps playing in my head...

Jakey Poo

Only pic I found of him. =x Forgive me.

And of course, how can I forget Leo Love.

Make it LEO LOVE x347956 .

Caught Pan's Labyrinth today because of all the raves about it. I really like it. It's a very sad fairy tale with a sad happy ending. Yeah, I know it's weird the way I described it but that's how it is. Very thought provoking.

A very weird and magical story. Very intelligent, with so many metaphors and messages.

Oh, awfully violent I must add. I cringed at quite a lot of scenes.

Ofelia is damn pretty and very fine acting for a young lady. And no, she doesn't scream in any scene in the whole show. No Dakota Fanning moments.

Brillant movie! Worth every cent of the $$$.

Oh, I was expecting lots of scenes of this erm, thing. But it turned out he it appeared for a few minutes only at the end.

Apparently, it can take his eyeballs out of its hands and put them back in. The good thing is it does not need to clean them like how we clean contact lenses with disinfectant. Lucky monster.

Its good friend made most of the appearances.

This creature which reminds me of those chinese hell guards walks with a very scary echo and speaks like Count Olaf. Speech, hand actions...

I hope the film wins the Academy Award for Best Foreign Film.

Oh, and by the way my mom doesn't speaks like PCK and I am joking about being a chocolate specialist. Really.

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