Monday, December 18

10 days have passed since I last blogged and honestly, I don't even know what I did these past few days.

Just know that I clubbed and worked too much for my body to take, and I am feeling extremely exhausted, like a tight rubber band.

I finally have a good sleep yesterday night. Oh and for me, a good night sleep is one which I sleep without the alarm set to ON and that I sleep past the breakfast hours.

These past weeks, I am actually glad for Mondays. I know it sounds weird...

I feel like I can start a week over and get myself up after all the various screw-ups happened the week before. It's like a fresh start.

So, I woke up feeling relatively happy and motivated today.

Last weekend was spent working too much. I spent a crazy 26 hours over 2 days there...


On a brighter note, it is raining alot these days. I love rains. I like the cold weather and the feeling of waking up to the sound of rain outside. I like seeing couples on streets snuggling close together under their umbrella. I like staying indoors all day and catch up on my dvds while it's all dark outside.

But of course, I hate the rain for you. Please be more careful on the roads.

I know I will feel happier after this Friday.


I am excited for you, Joycie... Jia you, hehe!

Ciao, and to classmates, 4 more days to exams. It's a short sprint to that and then we can play like there's no tomorrow.

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