Sunday, July 9


Life without work is good. Far from good actually.

It's great! It's fabulous!

No offense to anybody in RP actually but I don't miss anyone there acutally. I still think about the people now and then; and the daily routines of checking emails, calling people, updating excels and more excels, countdowning to brownie-time...

Oh, I certainly did not waste my precious no-work time doing nothing, mind you. Monday was spent on some nice dim-suming and LOTS of walking. Yes, I finally moved my stuck-on-the -chair-for-6-months-fat-ass and sweat some. And of course there was Desperate Housewives, which NEVER failed to make me say "Monday blues what?".

I sweat more in my bikini (even saying the word makes me blush) at Sentosa on Tuesday. Took lots of photos, which partly explains my disappearance. It was fun, lying in the sun there after being stuck in the 20-degrees for so long.

On Wednesday, I did my month-old laundry. I didn't forget that. The skies seemed clear enough for a swim so I gathered my swim gear which was covered with 4-inch dust and headed to the pool. The thing about swimming is that it takes things off your mind. You just "keep on swimming, keep on swimming". You just focus on moving your arms and legs and counting the number of laps you have done.

If not, you swim right into other poeple. You kick the little cute girl behind you. You swallow a mouthful of water. You lose count of the number of rounds you have done. You see that cute hot guy and "accidentally" swim into the next lane.

I think my memory is improving. I remembered to bring underwear this time round.

Thursay, I had lunch with st dearie. Like finally. Yeah. st bian mei le! wahaha... you should go out and flaunt your cute new locks!I couldn't recognise you for that one second. No hidden meanings.

I played some old-school badminton on Friday. I ran ok! I ran I ran I ran! I don't sweat (yes even at 2.4); but I sweat buckets then. I also dunno I go there for what man, felt like an extra. You know, those people walking left to right to left again, behind the main characters on a show. Yeah. (Wahaha!) Ahem scuse me.

It was fun though (* and hot). Really (* like real). Extras don't get paid much these days, tsk tsk.

Bombers on Saturday, which was good. Chocolate malt is really sweet and nice, just the way I like it and I can practically imagine wl evil-talking me in my mind then on the amount of fat going to my waistline but I had the whole thing anyways. I ate alot.

I shop (read:spent) alot. Cy is a evil good shopping partner. I love her to bits man. Her new haircute is so kawaii she can put Rainie pout to shame.

I really miss shopping with Cali. She is the BESTEST girlfriend to shop with ever. Time just fly past super fast with her.I really miss her (I miss u! x10000), although she is always so mean to me in her sms-es... Hmph!

Oh and I saw Ben! What a surprise man! Cos the only time I see him is in RP and it's quite nice to see him in town. Met his girlfriend too. That lucky girl...

I rarely talked to strangers, not even when that girl next to me is wearing the prettiest pair of shoes in town. But I did yesterday. I was walking down the street when this guy promoting the cable (I supppose) suddenly shoot this at me when I passed him. "Who do you think Italy or France will win the world cup?" I was stunned for a second cos no guy speaks to me on the streets. Mama will be so proud I tell you. Then I answered him. I don't know why; I just blurted out who I felt will win. He looked a bit shocked and echoed my answer. And that was it, I continued walking.

They should have made their staff wear nametags, like how NUMs do.

The turth is: I am really vexed, about things. But somehow it's easier this way. Keeping things simple and nice.

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