Friday, June 30


Finally today is ORD! Yay!

Yesterday was fun (*.........) at Olive. I really like the location, imagine a quaint little eatery situated on a vantage point on a hill at a Park. Not just any park, it's "Lemondoll" park ok...

And despite criticisms from fellow friends that it is "too hot, too far, too many mozzies", I think it beats all the other usual pigging out spots in town. The lush foilage and greenery and a view of the sea and its neighbouring harbour really do provide a refreshing break from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Morever, it is always fun going to a new place and trying out new things. Not that it meant I ate the snails, I wanted to. Almost.

The warm chocolate cake is HEAVEN. I almost dieded (ju, i credited you) right at the bamboo chair. The cake was really soft and warm and melts in the mouth. I know that phrase is everywhere but the cake is the ultimate meaning of that. Plus the ice cream, it is very much perfect. That was prolly the highlight of the evening.

Seafood Rissoto is good, I like that. Mariana was disappointing.

Oh and I am sure XY had fun laughing at WL's introduction to the different drinks like we are tourists. Ok lah quite funny lah, but is it that funny...? -.-

And I am going to lodge a complaint to the "agency" soon for the unprofessionalism and the low-grade service it provides that brought a great deal of embarrassment to the client (that's yours truly). Oh, and I am sure I can get some reinbursment back for the breach of trust in a form like fondue?

I think I will miss the daily things I do during work. Like, waking up at 7am daily. It's a torture, but I hate waking up late. Yeah, the thing about morning passes you by without waiting for you theory.

I always look forward to the breakfast.

But no worries, new branch at Hougang Mall which is like a dream come true.

Of course, plus the logging on of computer at 9.15am sharp everyday. Going on sprees, wujiandao, exploring for more projects, watch the taiwanese dramas... I'm proud to announce I have somewhat "inherited" grace's multi-tasking skills...

Oh and then I will listen to 音乐日记 everday at 11.30am sharp. I always miss the 8.30pm version so will catch up on the repeat telecast.

休息是为了走更远的路. All the plans are exciting. Holiday anyone? I need a hol!! I go anywhere, not a fussy eater and can sleep anywhere. I am willing to eat fried grasshoppers for money and I can say "How much is this?" in malay like a native. Just bring me anywhere pretty please.

Recruiting GMGFs, please email me.

Topshop is scouting a site for a New York flagship that could open next spring. It will be just as big as the one at Oxford Circus. Exciting news eh.

范玮琪 is coming to Singapore!!!

Target will be collabrating with Paul & Joe. Preview looks up already. This is one good reason to stick to spreeing...

最好的时间就是现在. 音乐日记 says so. Disclaimer: ceteris peribus.

Suprise of the year! Surely... Thanks XY for the surprise. You're always the one planning all these little surprises for us... And I love love love pleasant surprises, so thanks!

I almost died when I see you all sitting there, hahaha!

HuiHui and Aslina have been really sweet to me too. Strawberry chocolates!

Alvin "shun bian" gimme a plate of chocolate chips cookies. He is one of the few people that I will remember in RP.

Apparently more surprises ahead. I am very scared.

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