Thursday, May 11


I hate being used, or having the feeling that I'm used.

It's getting tiring being the nice and good person that people go to only when they want something from you.

And the thing is - not feeling appreciated. It's not just what you say but how you act sometimes too. It's getting too sickening and suffocating for me.

Just fo.

It suddenly came to me that I am capable of putting my plans into action. It just need some extra effort and the first step. It will be a teeny weeny baby step but I believe I can do quite well in that.

Nobody knows what I am planning to do but it should be pretty exciting. And I plan to keep it that way. Haha! That's all I can say...

FINALLY finish Da Vinci. I prefer Angel though but still a good read nonetheless. Next up, I will be catching Tom Hanks in action.

Can't wait!!

Oh, after a month of waiting, it's time to draw out Plan B.

Ass and Asshole, I can't express enough how glad you are here with me.

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