Monday, March 13

Music was his passion. Survival was his masterpiece.

I watched "The Pianist" for the first time on Channel 5 a few days back and it is well, quite a surprising show.

I once thought the movie would be just another dowdy, draggy war offering. But I was wrong.

I thought that all the movie would be about is about the survival and hardship of the wartimes. But I was wrong again.

It's alot more than that.

The movie is simply in one word, fantastic.

Ok, or maybe disturbing.


I wouldn't want "critic" the movie simply because I thnk I am not good enough to. But do catch it if you have the chance. Get the DVD or something, instead of watching some other crap.

I thought the movie was very kind to the audience. The hardships and cruel truths of wars are not highlighted to the most possible extent. But one must remember that this is a movie, not a documentary.

The furthest the directors went was shooting people on the forehead and throwing old men down buildings.

Adrien Brody was good. He deserved the golden man wihtout a doubt. I think he's attractive in some kind of a strange way haha.

As usual, catch the quotes; including a flirting scene which I think is quite cute, and the trivia (Mr B got rid of his apartment, sold his car, and didn't watch television, in order to connect with the feeling of loss required to play the role) on IMDB.

I am just glad I missed my beauty sleep to sit panda-eyed in front of the telly for 3 hours.

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