Wednesday, March 22

La La La

Nothing much going on lately.

These days, I am sort of pushing myself into another different routine. Work doesn't feels like work anymore; thanks to the wonders of technology, which connections can be made miles apart.

The AYU gang is making me a very very happy girl indeed. Although, I was pranked like 32432764 times already. =_=

Poor Ayuliang has to work OT till 8pm today. Poor thing... Haha.

KTV went well. The nice thing about going to KTV with males is that you have a wider selection of songs because we can duet. As usual, 4 hours were too short.

Woodlands, woodlands! Soon. I am proud to say I am still stuck in Tanglin, with nothing much interesting going around.

Oh, my mates had to kill the most number of termites in their lives today.

Since we are in a science lab, they thought that they could put some chemistry in action. Out comes the ethanol and -poof-, they killed a roomful of termites. Impressive. Ha!

BBQ this friday which I am again strangely looking forward to. Last event in Tanglin, they say. Of course, the whole population has shifted except my gang...!

I am very excited that SFF is coming again. And although I couldn't get the role I wanted, I am still contented that I am going to be a part of it and with my favourite people too. Hopefully can get some pictures.

Don't know what I am rambling about, but never mind.

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