Friday, September 9

Work has been amazing so far. I would love to describe the whole experience in a more
bombastic adjective but words fail me so make do. I do have the moments when I wish
I have that few more secs to roll around in bed or that the sun doesn't peep out of the
horizon that early but the adrenaline and pump kept me going. It has been more play
than work for now for sure. Of course, I am still on high-alert mode most of the time
but I can't help but admit that the days and nights constitute more fun+play more
than work.

Post three weeks, please give me the chance to boast how I am able to experience something
new every single day or night. Yes, I have been tasked to do some unglam or sia-suay stuff
but trust me when I say that I ain't complaining a single bit. The thrill of doing something
new for the first time beats everything else. Besides it's kinda a once in a lifetime opportunity
to do some of these, right?

- Be a translator and delivered congee for an ill and unregistered PRC pros in the room
- Experienced morning, afternoon, graveyard shifts in three consecutive days/nights
- Ogled bapoks' assess in the middle of the night
- Doorman at 8am
- Directing people to the best food in town
- Change bedsheets for 3246523 beds
- Tried to memorise the SOP on how to clean toilet bowl and TV
- Vacuum 3246523 rooms
- Matched tops to bottoms for 100 uniform sets
- Climbed into the ceilings to see where the electrical wires lead to
- Finally understood how risers work
- Accessed the rooftop to camwhore
- Frozen and defrosted in the freezers and chillers
- Refilled beer for japanese businessmen
- Snitched red wine before a banquet

More to come!

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