Saturday, August 13

New York Day 3

To think that we booked a trip on Day 3, which was a Friday, to do outlet shopping still
bewilders me. At Day 3, we were still pretty much tiredsome of the walking already, especially
the day out basking in the HOT sun at the islands. It was terribly sunny and I began to wonder
whether it was truly like this in NY. I knew it would be hot but never thought that the sweat
metre would be as bad as SG's. Complaining aside, I was hyped to go for some looksee shopping!
At the back of my mind, I was rationing the funds for some real shopping in Manhattan itself
hence I knew this trip would come with restrain.

We started the day with toast and good o' scrambled eggs!

Cookie and I went to Madame Tussauds (ok I cannot spell that actually; I googled!) at Times
Square to collect our pre-booked bus tickets. The circle journey costs USD37 and each trip took
around 60 minutes.

Our first stop was American Eagle! I was pretty bummed that I lost Cookie's shades at Ellis
Island and hence got a pair of shades there (for myself hahaha). I scored this pair of denim
shorts that I probably would deemed too short back in SG but... perfect for the abnormal
NY weather. I was sure Cookie felt like home at AE cos he left with a few shirts, few pair of
berms and it was quite a sight to see him enjoying shopping! It was definitely a change from his
thrifty ways back in SG.

We were glad we picked Woodbury Commons instead of this other Outlet mall in Long Island.
I would die to see the Long Island views but after scouting all the shops at Woodbury, I would
say that I didn't leave disappointed. Other than... we missed out some shops due to time
constraint! The cookie who probably got hooked scoring all the fabulous deals, especially from
A/X and G-star, toyed with the idea of coming back again.

New York Day 4

The day The MET took our breath away...

The entire museum is really huge and all I could remember was both of us floating through
room after room, soaking in the sights and wowing at all the history mementos. I was bummed
to miss A. McQueen's exhibition due to the 1.5 hours-long line but oh well. Not to mention that
we had to stand to have our lunch but look at that amazing view. I swore I could have just
change into a bathing suit and lie right there for a tan. The sun was not stingy that week I must

The exterior of the museum is of course worthy of a mention. Beautiful architecture indeed.
Psst, Gossip Girls was shot on the steps as well and I too, got an obligatory fangirl shot on the
steps. Haha! It was our first time walking in the Upper East Side too and I love the quiet air of
cash and exclusiveness in the air. It was something that is quite "uniquely upp east side".

We took the subway to Grand Central Station and ta-dah! We are finally at Oyster Bar Restaurant!

Heard too much raves about this place to ignore. By the time we whacked the fresh oysters and
calamari side, we were pretty much too satisfied for the mains. The food was good, the basic
service were there, company was perfect.

Since Magnolia had a branch in the same building, how could I miss this chance to leave without
bringing some home? ;)

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