Wednesday, August 11


Oh I know it has been some time since I blogged proper but trust me, the weekends are too precious
to sit in front of the screen after the 5 days of 9-5 work action. The national day weekend was
great in a way that it was well-spent. I went doing crazy stunts with wql, chabor. Cruising town in
wql's BM is no joke - because this machine is some hot stuff and serious business. And once again, I
have proven myself completely useless with maps. In the event that I do drive in the future, I am going
to either 1. spend 90% of my pay on wasted petrol cos of making rounds and rounds in the same town, or
2. bringing my car to the workshop because the chances of me hitting a tree, car, cat, kerb is as
high as oreo breaking another item in the house again. You can bet your money on that! But anyway
what was planned as a short beer-chill session morph into a zouk session. Oh, I felt like a complete
dork dancing in friday work wear but I made do and it was a FUN night. The rest of the weekend, I had
the best of spending time with the cookie and family and all at once! Best part of also getting the
long-awaited city square fix across the borders. Of course, I should have remembered that visiting the
JB city is a big NO-NO on holidays! We were Dora-faced for the 2 hours stuck in the checkpoint. Still,
the cheap food and movie, shopping, just walking around in another town were worth it. Again again!
Had to miss the bang bangs on Mondee cos I caught a nasty cold but I cannot shortchange myself
so I self-gave myself another holiday on Tue with the Doc Tan's blessing and Cookie's concurrence.

Photos up soon!

The MDIS boys are awesome! Just like this.

Leo! says:
ohh well..
it all boils down to the sports structure of sg
bcos sg still view sports as a hobby
or part time thing
until dat attitude change
den i guess things will change

Greg says:
probably won't happen in our lifetime

Leo! says:
u know who i blame
i blame fandi ahmad
hes an idiot
idiot with no foresight
u know y?!
back den in hes prime
he culd have playin in ajax
he got home sick
imagine playin wif the likes og gullit
fuckin hell
imagine hes wanted my real madrid?!
he will put SG football on the map!
soo scouts wuld think "hey this place called singapore.. where fandi is from lets go check it out"
den more ppl will play
more ppl means more talent
LOCAL talent
look at japan
good example

I say:
eh don't blame fandi ahmad man.

Leo! says:
he put jap football on the map

Greg says:
not everyone's like nakata.

Leo! says:
all the scouts flood jap n korea
den u haf ur sunji ono
fandi culd b like him

Greg says:
not easy to live away from home

Leo! says:
hes wanted by ajax man come on

Greg says:
back then even worse.

Leo! says:
back den ajax was a gaint in europe
yeah but still

Greg says:
don't think holland was so accessible to foreigners and muslims back then.

Leo! says:
dats true..
but he culd have moved
surely cluns in europe knew who he was

Greg says:
but well, it's not his fault he's like that.
besides, it's his decision.

Leo! says:
yeah wast done cant b undone
we need another fandi
we need another fandi dat will say "screw u s league
imagine if fandi still palyed in ajax
n scouts really came
i think a couple of players culd have played in europe

Greg says:
his boys loh.

Leo! says:
like v soomdrom mothy (whatever the spelling)

I say:
wtf lah

Leo! says:
david lee

Greg says:
sundram lah

Leo! says:

Greg says:
fuck you man. sundram also dunno how to spell. lol.

Leo! says:
im sure he culd play anywhere

I say:
steven tan

Leo! says:

Greg says:
the first super sub

Leo! says:
fuckin steven tan is the shit manz

I say:
goes to holy fam

Leo! says:
yeah u see
we jus need 1 guy to open the way
light the path
how things wuld b diff.
who knows
favian might b in man u now
instead of vidic

I say:
yeahand conan will be making messi sit on the bench right?

Leo! says:
u neva know..
maybe conan made messi hes bitch

Greg says:
uh huh

Leo! says:
n mayb u might say messi who?
n conan will say messi - bu -cu
i had a long day...
n den
instead of buy talent frm china
the sports concil will say

Greg says:
uh huh.

Leo! says:
"hold on.. we got some really gd local talent"
lets check them out
n maybe.. i might still b playin waterpolo
in greece or something
or like ain is a world champion runner
like the radcliffe girl
n ivan culd b russslee peters
u neva know..
n we all culd say MDI what?


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